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Latest Designs

The range of Pancake Designs resin homewares and jewellery is ever expanding. Here are my latest designs

Magnetic Necklace
with interchangeable buttons

6 Piece Necklace

Pancake Designs Big Plate with Dip Bowl and small Bowls, all in jungle greens

The Big Plate
Use it either as a dinner plate or a platter for finger food

Pancake Designs Belly Vase

  The Belly Vase

A solid vase for small bouquets
( October 2017 )

El Chunko Bangle

Chunky and asymmetrical  
 ( November 2016 )

Pancake Designs Cuff Bangle, resin bangle

The Cuff Bangle

It has been a while since it was last seen... so here it is, more colourful and smooth then ever

 ( October 2016 )

Pancake Designs Resin soap dish, turquoise

      The Soap Dish
        ( October 2016 )

Pancake Designs Resin Necklace, gold and browns


A kind of tribal look

( October 2016 )

Pancake Designs resin small bowl orange, red, blue

Small Bowl

A new addition to the range of 
small bowls.
They are great on flat bowls with dips, olives, chutneys...
( October2016 )